Can Your Happiness Be Influenced

Can Your Happiness Be Influenced

Happiness is a central part of every human existence, it is vital such that it can determine your life span. Those who look happy are always more likely to live longer than others, this is because happiness has “medicinal ingredients” that can heal both physical and emotional traumas. In most hospitals, doctors usually recommend their patients to get involved in an exercise that can get them excited and happy. Happiness can restore any broken spirit, no matter how sick and depressed a person might be, if you can get him to be happy, the sickness will be 75% treated. There are more than a million factors that can influence someone’s happiness daily ranging from politics, economic instability, relationship crises, traffic, and work-related stress.

Each day comes with at least

Each day comes with at least 3 or 4 of these issues that can alter a person’s mood and make him sad. That’s the major factor for many heart-related infections because of the constant depression that most individuals struggle with. But, despite the many factors that influence your happiness, the truth is that an individual can still decide whether to be sad or not. Every human being has a will that puts him in charge of his life meaning things around your environment can’t determine your happiness. That’s what makes happiness subjective, despite being stressful, there are things to hold on to that will ensure your happiness isn’t altered. Imagine getting angry about some elected government officials, no matter what your feelings may be, nothing may change.

Can Your Happiness Be Influenced

Instead, it will impact negatively on your health and those around you. That’s why being unhappy can affect your health greatly. The good thing about staying joyful is that it makes people smile no matter the pressure. Those who try to maintain a positive mindset in the face of crises or unsatisfactory situations will have a healthy mind. Imagine if you were involved in a road accident because you left home angry, that can result in your death without changing the situation you left at home.

No matter the situation you are faced with, it will be easier to get it to resolve than when you are sad. A distracted mind will hardly think right since your mind is crowded with vexation. You can decide to be joyful despite how you feel inside, it is a choice that few people get to make but, if you can make up your mind to remain happy you’ll discover even those around you will feel relaxed.

There are those who take pleasure in getting others angry. In fact, when they see you excited they feel disturbed. It is important to avoid such people if you must remain mentally stable, when you get distracted in your mind, there is a possibility even your job will be affected such that it may result in other undesirable consequences. Aside from putting your life at risk when traveling, there are health implications associated with a troubled mind. Staying happy is therefore a natural factor that adds more value to your life span while ensuring your health remains vibrant.