How Love And Happiness Are Connected

How Love And Happiness Are Connected

Love is an emotion that results from being assured of care from another person. It creates a special feeling in the heart which is a reaction to what you are being given. For love to be enjoyed, it should be a mutual feeling between those who are close or are in love. Love channel from a single source tends to be weak and diminishes if the same attention is not given back. Care and respect are virtues that result from true love because after love, there are actions that have to be exhibited. Misunderstanding the meaning of love can lead to major problems that may not be easily solved.

Happiness is a feeling of joy

Happiness is a feeling of joy that comes out of the heart due to an action that is gladdening the heart or mind. It is a feeling that comes naturally without using any forceful method. To be happy, then it necessitates sharing happiness with others that you share a relationship. This is achieved through making yourself happy then trying to live within your standards to ensure that happiness is maintained. Happiness cannot be created by those who surround you because there may be things they are dealing with that could spark sadness in them. Depending on others for happiness might keep you sad most of the time unless you take control and ignite your happiness.

A connection exists between love and

A connection exists between love and happiness in that happiness comes about when people you love are happy. Whenever you are in love with someone, emotions are exchanged and therefore feelings can be shared. This means that a bad mood from one partner ruins the happiness that might exist in the other person. When there is an issue to be solved by a person, it affects the other partner who tries to ensure that all is in control. True love involves caring for each other as a result of the bond shared between couples. A bond formed by true love affects the happiness of both parties whenever one party is in trouble or undergoing a difficult moment which means love needs a keen understanding of the people in a relationship with.

How Love And Happiness Are Connected

Being in love comes with its needs that have to be looked out for. Plans come in between to ensure that life is kept enjoyable and given meaning by your friendship. Love is built to plan about a future life to be shared by those in love for the remaining parts of their life. The decisions that are made are key in determining whether happiness will be served or not. Having good plans will lead to a successful love life which will automatically create room for the existence of happiness. Living out of standards may eliminate all the happiness of people in love due to a continued struggle to meet daily requirements. Struggling to live in standards that you cannot afford is an indicator that providing for basic needs may be difficult that may lead to living a depressing life that causes a lack of happiness.

Whenever love is broken, happiness gets ruined to a larger extent that may cause hurt in your body. Love constitutes loyalty and honesty by those in a relationship which when broken creates a huge gap that suppresses happiness. Happiness is enjoyed when all partners remain honest and loyal to each other despite the condition they may be in. Putting the virtues at a break jeopardizes the relationship which might cause love to be withdrawn. Withdrawal of love is a sign of lack of happiness in a relationship that is a result of dishonesty. Being dishonest is an act of betraying your partner rather than protecting them.

True happiness is discovered when deep trust is built by people who share the love. Trust keeps the hearts of people connected despite the distance separating them or the condition they are going through. It keeps happiness alive due to the faith you have in the other person. At a point when trust is broken, true love slowly dies leading to a depletion in the happiness existing in a couple. Happiness is greatly dependent on love due to the peace shared between loving couples. Couples who share true love share happiness that is a reflection of the love held among them.