How To  Always Be Happy

How To Always Be Happy

Happiness has been idealized in a complicated way with the new society. People have been brainwashed into thinking happiness is influenced by the outside circumstances. The environment has nothing to do with how happy or unhappy we can be, it is just an idea. Chasing materials in the hope that they will bring you happiness is chasing the wind, you won’t have what you feel you want. Happiness is a state of being which can only be influenced by the state of mind in whichever environment you may be in. Understand that happiness is not a response but rather an influence from deep within. Understanding this will be the first step to establishing a simple, stress-free life.

There is an idea that having certain things makes a person achieve happiness, that is not true. Happiness is a state that is entered into by conscious choice, but not many realize this. If a person chooses to see only the bad ways people around treat him, his mind becomes blind to all the good things they can do. The same is true for happiness, if a choice is made to feel it, emotions of sad loneliness cannot take root. Practicing such control over emotions will strengthen the ability to remain happy in the saddest of situations. Outside events or materialistic possessions play no significant role in a person’s happiness.

The truth about social platforms is

Social media has brought a bad influence on how people define happiness from media photos. Spending too much time on social media sites doesn’t make you feel good enough. Everyone seems to be enjoying life with fancy photos documenting their cool life. When you compare your life to theirs, a down feeling comes. Then to feel better, the individual watching those cool photos will hunt for such a lifestyle. They think having those things will make them happy, it is a mistake to have this mindset.

The truth about social platforms is that everyone who posts nice pictures of them having fun is not happy. Photographing the good moments hides their true life and problems faced behind the scenes. To have happiness in this social media-influenced world, do not compare yourself with anyone on social platforms. Enjoying life is brought about by self acceptance and being content with yourself at all times. Gurus even suggest staying off media platforms altogether to achieve happiness which is not interrupted. Minding your own business is a great practice to live in happiness without comparing yourself to others.

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Another habit that kills happiness is always looking for validation from other individuals. The feeling of acceptance in a group is what people chase after in most areas of their life. Approval addiction is what causes people to feel bad when others don’t notice them or their new outfit. Defining life by what others think about you will often leave you broken in an unhappy state. Live life on your terms, nobody has to tell you what is good or not for you. If it is your happiness which is the subject, the rules are made by yourself.

Negativity is mostly around, making it easier to fall prey to other people’s judgment over your life. In our circles, naysayers will exist who never say anything positive about you. Staying away from naysayers will give you the freedom to express your feelings without being restricted or objected to. There will be no pressure to please anyone else but you, no opposition whatsoever.

How To  Always Be Happy

Do what makes you happy at all times, not being forced to do something which doesn’t fulfill you one bit. Because everyone expects you to be a doctor, do not give up that dream you may have of being a magician. Choosing to do what you love means having passion, willpower and strength to stick to the routine no matter how hard. Be in your comfortable skin, in which the best version of your personality is exposed. Happiness cannot be bought, the only factory that produces happiness is inside every human.

Society has made the idea of happiness depend on external factors. These factors may be: approval from others, material possessions and pleasing others. While all these assumptions are not the case, not many realize it. Happiness comes from the inside and runs over, affecting the environment around. Learn to love yourself and happiness will be your best friend.