People Who Never Get a Shot at Happiness

People Who Never Get a Shot at Happiness

In life, you have people that never get a shot at happiness. Failure to be happy can be tied to the circumstances that a person is living in. A person who comes from abject poverty is likely to lead a life of misery. The lack of money will affect the quality of life that poor people enjoy. Constantly worrying over how to meet daily financial obligations leads to stress that robs a person of happiness.

Poverty leads to limited access to basic amenities like food, so it is hard to be cheerful with an empty stomach. Living in squalor lowers your self-confidence since people show little respect to the poor. It becomes difficult to be happy when people show you little respect. To be happy, your sense of self-worth has to be elevated to make you feel good about yourself.

Happiness is tied to good health,

A person who has gone through a traumatic event will be prone to sadness that if left unchecked can grow into depression. Suffering a traumatizing event leaves you dwelling on bitter memories. When you suffer something like the death of a close friend or family member, it is hard to maintain your happiness at a high level. The constant fond memories will act as a reminder of the loss. Losing a spouse can rob a person of happiness since marriage is a long-term investment. Your future has been shattered in a fashion you had not anticipated this might lead to depression.

Happiness is tied to good health, to enjoy the feeling of happiness your body has to be operating at optimum. Individuals that suffer from chronic illnesses hardly get a shot at happiness. In instances where you are suffering from a disease like cancer that leaves your body in constant pain, it is hard to enjoy anything life has to offer. Happiness is impossible for sick people who are constantly nursing the pain that comes with being sick. A severe illness can rob you of the chance to go to your job, see your friends or travel. Living in such conditions leads to a miserable existence.

Prisoners suffer from a lack of

Security is essential to be happy, happiness can only exist in a safe space. Citizens who live in war-torn regions are rarely happy because of the hostile environment they live in. The constant worrying over safety and being ready to run at any moment will deny anybody the feeling of happiness replacing it with fear. Living in fear makes it impossible to enjoy life and all it has to offer. A feeling of joy depends on the assurance of your government to ensure your safety, that of your family and property you own.

Prisoners suffer from a lack of access to the world outside the walls of prison. The life of a prisoner feels like life is passing you by as you watch. Prisoners often miss their friends and family but are unable to go back to their former life. It is a painful experience not being able to watch your children grow or hold your spouse in your hands.

People Who Never Get a Shot at Happiness

Prison life is harsh and lonely, this makes it almost impossible to stay cheerful while behind bars. Correction facilities have a way of making the inmates feel like outsiders to society. Feeling unwanted has a toll on how you will view life. There is not much future for inmates who have long sentences handed to them, this births a feeling of hopelessness in them. A lack of hope in inmates robs them of a chance to feel joy in their everyday life since they enjoy a poor quality of life.

If you are caught up in a toxic relationship, chances are your life will be miserable. Abusive spouses expose their partners to emotional torture that can turn into physical abuse. The betrayal of being treated badly by somebody you trusted can steal cheer from life. In instances of physical abuse, the abused partner will feel neglected and lose touch with joy. Children who grow up in abusive families are exposed to a hostile environment from an early age. Kids who have been exposed to such a bitter reality often have a bleak view of life. The relationships that surround an individual dictate how good the quality of life is which translates to cheerfulness.