Why People Experience Happiness Differently

Why People Experience Happiness Differently

Happiness may be defined in several ways depending on the individual, but the important thing is to understand why you should work for your happiness. Most theories define happiness as feelings of joy arising from any positive trigger. You can experience happiness after you have won in a competition or topped in your class. Whatever the case, happiness is an expression of contentment. Of course, happiness is an expression of inner emotions to express enjoyment. But why someone should feel this way is subjective too, and depends on other factors whether in-born or external. You may smile to yourself after a successful sports bet even before the winner is announced simply because of the satisfaction of completing the betting.

A source of happiness can be

A source of happiness can be said to be subjective in many ways. The main area of defining the source of joy is identifying your source of satisfaction. Satisfaction plays a central role in helping you experience full pleasure in whatever you are doing. Human beings love to feel that they are on top of things. Satisfaction comes with several other factors and depends on your interests. You could be experiencing happiness when you are satisfied with your job. Feelings come in many forms to express themselves as happiness.

One may feel that he is

One may feel that he is satisfied with what he has. When one forms such an internal conviction, he will end up being content with what life has given him. That can be a source of joy with implications of being happy at the end. Pleasure can also come from a feeling that the conditions of life are good. Everyone strives to live in good conditions where all life’s demands are met. Such a life cannot be possible without factors such as money or wealth. When there is enough to cater for life’s needs, there is the unlikelihood to feel any pressure because the important needs are met.

Why People Experience Happiness Differently

That is a probable source of joy and happiness since there is a feeling of contentment since your well-being is taken care of. When there is dissatisfaction due to any misfortune or lack, your spirits may dip and cause you sadness. Such occurrence of sadness may persist as long as the misfortune continues to strike until it is lifted out of your life. Should something happen that takes away such misfortune, sadness is automatically replaced with pleasurable emotions. Joy and sadness have remained life’s twin experiences that alternate in someone’s daily life. At one point someone may be happy, then afterwards there is too much sadness after a bad experience.

When an athlete wins a race, he will feel an internal joy for his accomplishment. Accomplishments are always the root of excitement too, which can drive one into ecstasy. Another way of combatting unhappiness is by staying positive about things no matter how bad they may be. The feeling of dejection by bad experiences can lead to negative emotions. Dejection can lead to stress, which is a good recipe for depression. Allowing dejection to consume your feelings can be harmful and could easily result in a poor decision. When you try to balance your emotions so that they are put under control, you may begin to experience positive changes with your life.

There are two types of happiness, hedonic or eudaimonic happiness, both very common in life. Hedonic happiness comes from pleasure, usually associated with feelings derived from pleasurable things. When you experience care or warm love, the kind of emotions you get are associated with pleasure. In other instances, you may feel happy by seeking virtue or meaning of life in general. You may be pursuing an education course that will take years to complete. With time, you will begin to feel distraught as the subject gets tougher. A certificate of completion will revive your feelings and may lead to contentment which is eudaimonic in nature.

Understanding a technical thing in any area of specialty can lead to a positive reaction. Occasionally, joy comes with gifts that friends give to you to make you feel good. Happiness, therefore, manifests in myriad ways, some bearing a long mark while others are shortlived. Understanding your sources of joy is important in deciding what things you may do and what you may not. Even in the family unit, love must exist to spice up the relationship. Where love is lacking, unhappiness becomes an everyday encounter which is not recommended.